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We Are All Creative


Do branding, with original, creative and above all functional ideas. A constructive approach to development, coming from a creative process based on profound reasoning, constant comparison, the search for uniqueness and values to be brought out.

to create: the etymology of the word create can be traced back to the Sanskrit root kar- = to do, in fact, always in Sanskrit, kar -tr is the creator, ”the one who creates from nothing". We find a similar root in the Zendo in which kere and in the Greek in which κραίνω (kraino) means to make, to accomplish, to realize.


Many persons with different ideas, various ways of thinking and acting, who work together and complete each other, with the aim of creating beautiful and effective projects. Let’s go to introduce ourselves below.


Alessandro Lombardi

A Pro of coffe-meetings ☕, he manages and organizes the agency workflow. He’s a branding&marketing expert who dreams of making the world more beautiful through the creative works of his agency. A great fan of football ⚽ and tennis addicted 🎾, he feels old since puberty, but he doesn’t give up. Oldboy.


Silvana Falce

At first sight, she is silent and focused, but when she takes a moment off work, her irony becomes contagious and causes a lot of smiles and laughter. Market hit for the agency 🏆, she demonstrates her great experience in every project: nothing scares her, all it takes is be organized! In fact, she keeps embellishment only for her hobby, to customize t-shirts by embroidering phrases 🧶 of rock songs with needle and thread!

Anna Piccinelli

Sunny and always smiling 😊, she is very creative and has a high aesthetic taste that she manifests at the best in her communication and webdesign projects. Her education as an Interior Designer 🛋 is often perceived in his Branding works. Thanks to an influence of feng-shui she makes 🌞 clients and colleagues feel calm.


Simone Lucchini

What is an engineer doing 👷 in a creative agency?! To make all projects go smoothly you need organization! Ex mktg manager in a company, Simo decided to devote himself to the creative sector and combine his great passions with work: video and surf 🏄! He is a traveling videomaker, too: if you spot him on the beach, then, you know he is working!

Marco Lugana

His code name is<h1><b>Mark Glutenfree</b></h1> 🤓. He turns the ideas and dreams of web designers into reality, online. Some days he is so deeply involved in programming that he uses the HTML language to talk to colleagues. Developer of daring puns, he watches series of TV series in streaming 📺 non-stop.


Federica Zappa

Silent dreamer, she writes, writes, reads and takes pictures 📷. It gives a good scent to the agency and takes care of the textual content and social networks of the customers and the agency. Copywriter ✒ with for hobby of artistic photography, she is a peaceful vegetarian and manages every situation with her inner calm.

Alessandro Gatti

The great little Ale! His genuineness and friendliness enhance his creative abilities: his graphic talent ✏ is evident and the experience increases day by day. When he feels nostalgic, he remembers his musician past as a bass player 🎸 of a boy band.

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