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Gourmets from all countries unite! ✊ At Johnny Rockets, quality is the real revolution: that’s why we decided to organize marches of demonstrators and shout it out loud! 🗣️

Video made with the help of T2 Films production company.

An unconventional campaign in which #flashmob of demonstrators – with signs, megaphones and chants – invaded the shopping centers where the brand is present.

The concept is based on the desire to convey a message of positivity with direct references to the genuineness of the product, through revisited historical mottos and the theme of demon-stration, which is a very current topic in this historical period. A strong stance by the brand that invites you to fight for (and seek) high quality even in the casual-dining restaurant.

The campaign is divided into several phases, to be able to cover a period of about 6 months. In the first teaser phase, which took place on the brand’s social channels, we posted contents to create expectation and introduce the visual styles present in all the subjects of the cam-paign, together with the official hashtag #burgerevolution

The copy head TASTE QUALITY ALWAYS is expressed with a typography that refers to the stencils and graffiti on the walls; a typical visual language of the uprisings of revolution and protest. To complete the visual there is the iconic image of the flagship product, a very tasty burger 🍔, crowned by the revolutionary flashes to become the ideological protagonist that leads the #burgerevolution

A fluid communication campaign, with real actions in the stores, integrated with a digital narrative, to reach different targets.

The climax of the advertising action was the organization of some flashmobs, within the commercial galleries 🛍️ where Johnny Rockets is present, on busy days, such as Saturdays or Sundays.

We wanted to create confusion and curiosity, to amaze the visitors of the centers who saw this wave of young demonstrators, smiling and passionate, singing choirs in support of quality. “A better burger, that’s what we want!” 📢 our activists sing, holding up signs 🎌 on which we wrote very famous revolutionary mottos are revised to join the campaign: Gourmets from all countries unite, Power to quality, Pure quality without fear and, of course, the revolutionary copy head, Taste Quality Always!

At the end of the demonstration, some demonstrators handed out discount coupons 🎫 to try the revolutionary quality of Johnny Rockets and some free gadgets.

On social media, 🤳 dynamic visuals with campaign messages appeared, real posters on the digital wall, with torn paper and spray writings! Very engaging from a graphical point of view and perfect for the visual taste of the target, they achieved excellent results in terms of views, reactions and en-gagement. In the third phase, quizzes were created to create brand awareness and engage followers: the fastest to answer correctly were given the official #burgerevolution t-shirts.

All the stores were decorated with the visuals of the campaign subjects, made with wall tat-toos, posters and stickers. In addition, to increase visits to restaurants, paths with themed floor signs 🔜 have been created in the galleries of the shopping centers.

For the third phase, we have created, together with the company, a dedicated product and promotion: COMBO REVOLUTION is a very attractive offer, in which a new burger, EL ⭐ CHEDDAR, revolutionary in terms of quality (and also of price).

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