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Advertising “What type are you?”

The need of the Galloway Frecciarossa store, a franchise specialized in grilled cockerel, was to create an immediate and understandable environmental communication that would intrigue the visitor of the Frecciarossa Shopping Center in Brescia, leading him to taste the different products offered and to emerge in the highly competitive food-court of the Centre. We have succeeded. 😎

Different types of people, just like us, just like you.

We have created four “typical” characters, each linked to a dish 🍽️ or Galloway product, to ensure that the public could identify with one, or more than one, of these: the Sporty, lover of light and healthy food and, therefore, of the Galloway salad; the Demanding type looking for genuine and quality food, just like the 100% Italian burgers served in the restau-rant; the Voracious, ravenous and friendly devourer of spicy cockerel, a house specialty; and the Thirsty, drinker and expert of craft beers.


Copywriting: the look matters, the text too.

Copywriting is organized following a path that starts with the question message of the head-line:“What type are you? Follow your instinct”. This question catch the visitor’s attention and invites him to follow the path answering the questions of the next steps, in which each type is presented thanks to a dish, a slogan and a personal motto.

The Voracious type “loves to tear to piaces the cockerel with his hands” and claims that “life has more taste if you face it with a full belly!”, While the Demanding type “only wants 100% Italian well-cooked meat” and tells us that “if you look for quality, you’ll find satisfaction”. The Sporty type “looks for a light and healthy but also tasty dish” and advises: “never stop exercising, not even at the table”.

“Never settle for any blonde or any red” is the motto of the Thirsty type, in fact, “craft beer is his passion”.

The photographed subjects 📷 were chosen after a selection of profiles arrived following an announcement on social networks: it was important to choose real and, above all, local testimonials to give continuity to the campaign also on the company’s social channels.

The ironic setting of the photographs impressed the visitors of the center and created buzz on social networks, where the friends of the protagonists interacted with likes and comments.

The Vorace type was undoubtedly the most popular profile, the stickers with his image that were given away at the cash desk are still present around the city on the streetlamps and signposts.

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