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Gota de Mundo

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Javier Simon Ferrer, a young Spanish entrepreneur, who was impressed by our work, decided to entrust us with the #brandidentity of his new project: a line of exclusive bottled wines, researched and selected by producers from all over the world. 🍇🍷 An ambitious and innovative project that immediately sparked our creativity! 💡

CONCEPT: to create a name and a brand that convey the exclusivity and the international origin of the products.

The conceived naming already communicates in itself the whole universe of values that the future brand contains. First of all, the choice to use the Spanish language 🇪🇸 is not only a tribute to the origins of the founder but it’s also strategic, since it is the second most widely spoken commercial language in the world. The meaning of Gota de Mundo is, literally, Drop of World 🩸: every type of wine (romantically each drop), in fact, comes from a different country of the globe. Simple, immediate, international.

The sound of the name is soft, it fills the mouth, makes you relax and dream, like a good glass of wine.

The claim, In every drop a world of wine, is very centered and amazing. It is present on every label of every bottle next to the brand and summarizes, in a nutshell, the essence and philosophy of business.

The essence of the name guided us through the brand design that started from the visual expression of the concepts underlying Gota de Mundo: the bunch of grapes, extremely sim-plified, incorporates the sphere of the World and at the same time the symbol of a Drop. 🍇 🌎 🩸

The definitive symbol of the Brand maintains a visual bond to the bunch, albeit without simply representing it, and it’s winning for its immediacy and memorability. A minimal logotype, with a sans-serif font, completes the brand, which is always used in black or white to communicate refinement and elegance.

The Gota de Mundo brand is a fluid brand, it can be used in its entirety as well as in its individual parts. The symbolic element, in fact, becomes a container in the labels that show abstract signs, referring to the origins of the product, enhanced by the ennoblements during the printing phase. 🖨️ 

For the realization of the labels we worked hard on the choice of materials, interacting direct-ly with selected typographers and the experts of Arconvert, a division of Fedrigoni Group, world leader in the production of self-adhesive materials for labeling.


For the Rioja label we chose a natural paper made of pure cellulose, the Tintoretto Gesso Ultra Ws by Arconvert Fedrigoni, with its rough surface, due to the felt marking, which gives volume and elegance to the bottle. The surface of this paper is perfect to enhance the chosen ennoblements, such as the hot golden foil printing for the details and the dry embossing with UV varnish for the brand.

Natural papers convey tactile sensations that are perfectly consistent with the roundness that comes to the palate while drinking a red wine.

A second type of textured paper supports the label of the full-bodied Italian Red 🍷: the Cotone Bianco Ultra, also by Fedrigoni. Natural and produced only with cotton fibers, it fully convinced us thanks to its softness to the touch, a sensation that perfectly match with the product.

Also in this case, hot foil finish with a fascinating copper color, to recall the color of the sun-kissed bunches of grapes on rolling vineyards.

The prestige , and the exclusivity that a sparkling wine 🍾 must convey is immediately perceived by the design and material of our label for Franciacor-ta Brut Gota de Mundo: the silver-colored veins, tone-on-tone, obtained with a UV varnish in relief, evoke the stratigraphic section of the Franciacorta hills and contrast very well with the characteristic pearl finish of the M_use ™ Frozen® Orion Diamond Plus paper, giving a result of extreme finesse and style to the bottle.



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