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SEVENTYFIVE Café & lounge

Brand Identity, Web & Social

The brand of Seventyfive Café & Lounge Ponte di Legno, a new exclusive venue designed by Piero Lissoni with Lissoni Associati, was born from a careful phase of stylistic research and the in-depth study of sector communication.

Our creatives realized an elegant and original brand that fully expresses the values of a top-level venue.

75 Café&Lounge is an exclusive place born from the desire of Luca and Stefano, entrepre-neurs and great wine lovers, to create, in Ponte di Legno, something that didn’t exist there: a location with a strong aesthetic impact, designed by Piero Lissoni with Lissoni Associati – Ital-ian excellence in architecture and interior design, – to give its guests an incredible experi-ence, with an international cut but proudly Made in Italy.


The internal and external communication materials of the venue has been handled by our agency working closely with Lissoni Associati in order to coordinate everything with the Inte-rior elements and details. The dark wood finishes 🚪 and the sophisticated furnishings are in line with the texture of the details chosen for the drink lists and menus.

The metal sign looks like a led backlit box slightly spaced from the wall to allow the light to project a glow on the wood behind it. The brand has been laser carved to obtain a high precision effect.


Seventyfive’s menu 📓 has been crafted with a silver colored screw binding.
The anthracite-colored canvas spine links the two cover boards which have an important thickness, 3mm each. The edges have a silver finish in pendant with the hot foil stamping of the brand on the front, to communicate high quality and style.

All the coordinated material is made with Fedrigoni Materica paper – Pitch e Gesso – which gives a pleasant warm sensation to the touch.

To create expectation for the grand opening, we started on social networks with a teaser phase, in which we revealed only a few details and information, arousing great curiosity among the public. 📱🥂🥃🍸

In addition to photographic reportage, we tried new original and high-impact video editing techniques, following a content strategy of absolute value.

The website was totally designed and programmed within the agency 👨💻 bringing to the web the aesthetic line, attention to detail and design that distinguish the venue.

All photographic images are the result of a professional shooting directed by All Creative.

Take a look at the video we made for the opening! 👇🏻

Visit the website:

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